Control your time

Don’t be slowed down by conversations that last hours. Control your schedule with Straight To Voicemail.

Average talk time saved by people
who use this feature

Be more productive

Get through your to-do’s faster & don’t worry about getting lost in endless conversations with Straight To Voicemail.

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Incredibly Popular With Users

“SpoofCard’s straight to voicemail feature has been a huge time saver. It allows me to return calls & answer my client’s questions without spending hours in conversation.”

Dan Hale via facebook

“I love straight to voicemail! As a mom of 3 young kids, I don’t have a lot of time to spend on the phone. When I don’t have time to chat but need to leave a quick message, I always use this feature.”

Aubrey Shelton via facebook

“Straight to voicemail is awesome. It helps me cross items off my to-do list since once I leave a voicemail, it’s up to them to call me back. Please don’t ever get rid of this feature!”

Paul Peters via facebook